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Argot (pronounced 'are-go) is a free Android application that allows you to bookmark locations using GPS. The bookmarks can then be organized and used for small-scale navigation (e.g. finding your car in a parking lot, or marking a meetup location in an unfamiliar neighborhood).

ArgotPlus is the pay version that adds the following features:

  • Add custom Tags to bookmarks and filter the bookmark list by tags.
  • View bookmarks that are in the neighborhood of another bookmark.
  • Open the map for a bookmark's location.
  • Display the relative direction of each bookmark in the bookmark list.

ArgotPlus is being actively developed with many more featured planned.

The bookmark list

The main list of bookmarks

The bookmark list can be sorted by either the bookmark name, the bookmark's proximity to your current location, or the date and time that the bookmark was created. Measurements can be displayed in either metric or English units.

The navigation screen

The navigation screen

The navigation screen displays the direction and distance of the bookmarked location, along with the accuracy of the GPS signal of both the bookmark (when it was saved) and your current location.


Why is the navigation compass pointing in the wrong direction?

This is an issue with any application, such as basic compass apps, that relies on the phone's magnetic field sensor. The YouTube video Best Compass Calibration Method (iPhone/G1/etc.) provides simple instructions on how to calibrate that sensor in your phone.

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