Creating and editing stations in EtherTV

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Creating and editing stations in EtherTV is available to logged in users. Once logged in, you will see the link create a station in the upper right of the page. You will also see an edit link next to each editable station in the main schedule view.

In the top half of the page are fields that define the station as a whole: its name, type, description, and keywords. The station type must be set to group, which would full editing permissions to anyone logged in, or custom, which would restrict editing to the station creator. Tags can be added to make the station easier to find from the schedule page and to help viewers find similar stations from the stations page.

In the bottom half of the page are tools to manage the videos in the station. The first tab has controls to allow you to add a new video to the station. The second tab allows you to search from videos in other stations and add it to your station. The third tab allows you to search directly from YouTube to find videos. The list of videos to the right allow you to rearrange, edit, or delete them.