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Cache configures when scripts are parsed when running an application. Applications with long scripts run more responsively if they are compiled before use. The settings are:

  • Compile on each use - Turn of compiler caching
  • On demand (default) - Compile and cache scripts the first time they run, use the cache on subsequent runs
  • Precompile on module open - Compile and cache every script in a module when the module first opens
  • Precompile on application open - Compile and cache every script in an application when the application first opens

Timeout configures the longest that a script can run. If a script runs longer that the timeout, Phonebot will end execution on the current statement.

Sensor buffer configures the maximum number of sensor events that will be retained in the sensor service queue. When the queue is filled and new events are added, the oldest events will be deleted from the queue.

Retention configures the maximum number of log messages that will be kept across all applications.