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Changes made for each version of the Phonebot Android app.

Date Phonebot version Phonebot Plus version Description
29 Jun 2012 1.1.16 2.0.16 Added: Inserting controls, display icons in graph when the application or Phonebot_developer%27s_reference/Object_reference#Module|module]] is closed from script, context menu item to set startup module; Fixed: title in property pages, script not displaying in debug (Phonebot Plus).
24 Jun 2012 1.1.15 2.0.15 Added: module with controls larger than screen will scroll; Fixed: logging filter not updating, pasted controls missing their script events, writeable script builder not scrolling.
20 Jun 2012 1.1.14 2.0.14 Fixed: Crash when running in the background and memory is cleared; notifications with different modules opening the same module; scoped variables sometimes not getting created.
7 Jun 2012 1.1.13 2.0.13 Added: Show startup module as application icon; report when empty events fire during debug (Phonebot Plus). Fixed: Crash when using non-system services with a notification.
2 Jun 2012 1.1.12 2.0.12 Added: File dialog for setting an image control's image source (Phonebot Plus only); show_file_dialog() method for modules.
22 May 2012 1.1.11 2.0.11 Added: Auto-start property for specifying applications to run on startup. Fixed: Intermittent crash when debugging applications with services.
7 May 2012 1.1.10 2.0.10 Fixed: Parser errors; deprecated properties displaying in script builders.
1 May 2012 1.1.9 2.0.9 Added: Database script generation for Phonebot Plus. Fixed: Parser errors on some scoped variables and some coerced method calls.
29 Apr 2012 1.1.8 2.0.8 Added: get_display() and set_display() methods for modules and controls (see Using display properties on the wiki), clipboard menu for layout editor. Fixed: parsing negative numbers.
21 Apr 2012 1.1.7 2.0.7 Added: image control. Fixed: module not displaying correctly when opened from notify() method, hiding invisible controls
9 Apr 2012 2.0.6 Fixed: crash when using the application list clipboard menu.
5 Apr 2012 1.1.6 2.0.5 Added: phone service to monitor phone and SMS events; application.database_exists() method and database.exists property.
31 Mar 2012 1.1.5 2.0.4 Added: application.notify() method to create status bar notifications. Fixed: running modules from edit mode.
28 Mar 2012 1.1.4 2.0.3 Updated: services can now run when the application loses focus. See "Using Phonebot services" in the wiki. Database object delete fixed and clear added.

Note: The service lifecycle has changed and has been more fully defined in this version. Some existing applications may need to be updated.

1.1.3 2.0.2 Added: add, edit, and toggle comments in script. Fixed: crash when parsing invalid script.
1.1.2 2.0.1 Added: list.get_items(); array.exists(). Fixed: property and method sorting in script builders; saving list control padding.
7 Mar 2012 1.1.1 2.0.0 Release of Phonebot Plus. Merge functionality with Phonebot.
29 Oct 2011 1.0.0 Release of Phonebot.