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Changes made for each version of the Phonebot Android app.

Date Phonebot version Phonebot Plus version Description
27 Oct 2012 1.1.20 2.0.20 Added: 1.1.20 - Added: Tablet support. Single autostart app will run on device reboot. Special escape characters supported in code (e.g. quote and newline).
18 Aug 2012 1.1.19 2.0.19 Added: Email service for sending emails with attachments. HTTP service supports the POST method. Fixed: Deleting variables and layout issues with Script Manager. Sped up file object read methods. Module event size now returns the correct value.
4 Aug 2012 1.1.18 2.0.18 Added: Edit methods added to the JSON and XML objects. Easily create and update these formats to use for internal storage or with Web service calls.
19 Jul 2012 1.1.17 2.0.17 Added: File object to manage files and folders, supports create, delete, copy, move, and multiple forms of read and write; added array.byte_to_string() and string.to_byte_array() to convert binary data; Fixed: local variable sometime not initialized when method called multiple times.
29 Jun 2012 1.1.16 2.0.16 Added: Inserting controls, display icons in graph when the application or module is closed from script, context menu item to set startup module; Fixed: title in property pages, script not displaying in debug (Phonebot Plus).
24 Jun 2012 1.1.15 2.0.15 Added: module with controls larger than screen will scroll; Fixed: logging filter not updating, pasted controls missing their script events, writeable script builder not scrolling.
20 Jun 2012 1.1.14 2.0.14 Fixed: Crash when running in the background and memory is cleared; notifications with different modules opening the same module; scoped variables sometimes not getting created.
7 Jun 2012 1.1.13 2.0.13 Added: Show startup module as application icon; report when empty events fire during debug (Phonebot Plus). Fixed: Crash when using non-system services with a notification.
2 Jun 2012 1.1.12 2.0.12 Added: File dialog for setting an image control's image source (Phonebot Plus only); show_file_dialog() method for modules.
22 May 2012 1.1.11 2.0.11 Added: Auto-start property for specifying applications to run on startup. Fixed: Intermittent crash when debugging applications with services.
7 May 2012 1.1.10 2.0.10 Fixed: Parser errors; deprecated properties displaying in script builders.
1 May 2012 1.1.9 2.0.9 Added: Database script generation for Phonebot Plus. Fixed: Parser errors on some scoped variables and some coerced method calls.
29 Apr 2012 1.1.8 2.0.8 Added: get_display() and set_display() methods for modules and controls (see Using display properties on the wiki), clipboard menu for layout editor. Fixed: parsing negative numbers.
21 Apr 2012 1.1.7 2.0.7 Added: image control. Fixed: module not displaying correctly when opened from notify() method, hiding invisible controls
9 Apr 2012 2.0.6 Fixed: crash when using the application list clipboard menu.
5 Apr 2012 1.1.6 2.0.5 Added: phone service to monitor phone and SMS events; application.database_exists() method and database.exists property.
31 Mar 2012 1.1.5 2.0.4 Added: application.notify() method to create status bar notifications. Fixed: running modules from edit mode.
28 Mar 2012 1.1.4 2.0.3 Updated: services can now run when the application loses focus. See "Using Phonebot services" in the wiki. Database object delete fixed and clear added.

Note: The service lifecycle has changed and has been more fully defined in this version. Some existing applications may need to be updated.

1.1.3 2.0.2 Added: add, edit, and toggle comments in script. Fixed: crash when parsing invalid script.
1.1.2 2.0.1 Added: list.get_items(); array.exists(). Fixed: property and method sorting in script builders; saving list control padding.
7 Mar 2012 1.1.1 2.0.0 Release of Phonebot Plus. Merge functionality with Phonebot.
29 Oct 2011 1.0.0 Release of Phonebot.