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Why do no events appear when I open EventNett?

The default view is the event List spanning the next seven days. When you first bring up EventNett, it will attempt to extract your location from your IP address and use that city, state, and zip code in the filter's area. If nothing appears, try deleting the zip code or choosing a different area.

Why can't I see the event I just added?

Check the filter. If you added an event in one city but are filtering on another or in another zip code, the new event will be excluded.

How is the list of search categories created?

The categories are not a fixed list but actually the 10 most popular keywords in EventNett. They can change over time. This method was chosen as a compromise between creating a rigid structure of classifications and allowing only keywords to classify events and locations.

Effectively, EventNett is allowing the users to define the categories.

Why isn't the date format what I'm used to?

You can change the date format within the Session Settings view. This will only be retained for your current session. To retain this format, you can create an account.

Why does the iCal link not appear for an event?

An iCalendar file is only created for one occurrence of an event. For example: if an event spans January 1st through the 5th, you would download a different iCalendar file for each one of those days. So, when you view January 3rd in the Calendar view, the iCal link for that event will be only for the 3rd. This allows to you use the iCal file to add only that one specific occurrence into your scheduling software.

If you are viewing the permalink for that event, no single date is specified so no iCalendar file is created. Although iCalendar files can contain a range of dates, EventNett assumes that people are generally not going to attend all occurrences of an event.

Is my personal information safe?


More precisely: your password is salted and hashed (using SHA-1). This makes it effectively unobtainable if the database is compromised. More importantly, EventNett will never share your information with any third party. EventNett will only use any information obtained to assist in navigation and not as marketing demographics for any company.

I own a restaurant/bar/etc. What do I get out of this?

Your venue gets a listing with no favoritism, no middle-man, and no ads. You can easily and immediately update information about your venue and its upcoming events.

Ouch, vandalism!

Like other community-maintained sites, vandals may appear to do what they do best. EventNett has a few tools to help mitigate any damage they might cause and will change as needed to accommodate whatever new threats may appear.

Currently, you can roll back spurious edits from an event's or location's Change History. If you notice that a specific user or IP is causing trouble, contact EventNett and we will ban them appropriately.