RadioWave FAQ

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How can I listen to stations aggregated by RadioWave?

See Listening to stations.

Why is event information incorrect?

RadioWave gets its schedule information from the radio stations' schedule web pages. Sometimes those pages contain wrong information or information that is difficult to parse. Some examples:

  • Listing the time as 11 PM when it should be 11 AM. Some stations scramble their AM/PM mid-day in a listing, and RadioWave can't always anticipate the change.
  • Listing events by title-then-composer and switching to composer-then-title for a few events. RadioWave can't tell the difference between titles and composers and descriptions and must rely on where a station normally places this information.
  • Inserting special announcements in the schedule page. RadioWave can generally find schedule information even if minor changes are made, but sometimes a note will be inserted in the page that derails the schedule parser.

Along with these, stations will periodically redesign their web sites. When this happens, it may take a week or so to accommodate the new layout.