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EventNett event views are those pages that format the events returned from a search. These top-level views are visible on the main pages under the Map, Calendar, Timeline, and List tabs. Each view will display events and locations as links that can be drilled down into for further information. They also display days or day ranges as drill-down links that allow you to view a subset of the returned events. From the top-level views you can access the more detailed event and locations views.

As you drill down into subviews, EventNett displays a breadcrumb trail of where you've been in the view path. The image below shows the list view showing that the user has drilled down into the following views (reading from left to right): page 3-of-4 of the top-level list view, page 1-of-1 of the events on 1 Jun 2007, the Fiesta Fridays event view on that date, and finally the Pura Vida location view for that event.

The top-level tabs with a breadcrumb trail

The top-level views

The map view uses the Google Maps API and displays the events grouped by location. The map can be repositioned, zoomed in and out, and contains the standard Map, Satellite, and Hybrid buttons. The locations are plotted on the map with the standard Google Maps markers. When the markers are clicked on, they open an info window with a link to the location and a list of links to the events that will occur at that location.

The calendar view displays events within a standard calendar grid. Each day and event can be drilled down into. You can navigate to the previous and next months from links at the upper left.

The timeline view displays a range of dates across a line at the top of the view, with events grouped in columns underneath them. For date ranges over seven days, the lists will be grouped by week from Sunday to Saturday. Each week heading drills down into another timeline showing those seven days. Each day heading drills down into a List view of the events on that day. You can navigate to the previous and next range of days from links at the upper left.

The list view displays pages of events grouped by day. Each day heading drills into another List view of the events on that day.

In all of the top-level views, event and location links will open a detailed event or location view. The sequence below shows the page flow from a timeline, to a list spanning one day, to a single event in that day, and finally to the location of that event.

Timeline > List > Event > Location

The event and location views

An event with a description, schedule, and external links

The event view displays all details on a specific event and can be printed for reference or bookmarked using its permalink. This view will show a map to the event with its address, a description if one was provided, the scheduled dates in smaller calendars, keywords if they were provided, and a set of useful external links.

The map can be repositioned and zoomed in and out. Next to it is a link to the location view and a link to add the location's areas to the current search. Below that is a link to the event's change history view. This view displays every version of the event and allows you to revert to a previous version (e.g. to eliminate vandalism). Below that are links to add either the event or the location to the current search.

The keywords section lists all of the event's keywords as links to add them to the current search.

The external links section (labeled "Find out more") provides links to search for information on the event and location on Google, Google Maps, and Google Local.

A location with a description, keywords, and external links

The location view displays all details on a specific location and, like the event view, can be printed for reference or bookmarked using its permalink. Its sections are similar to the event view.