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The Locations view on the main page allows you to search through and manage locations/venues and areas within EventNett. Locations are simply a place where an event occurs (e.g. Joe's Diner or The Civic Center). EventNett areas are a group of one or more addresses that represent a neighborhood or community. Area names must be single words with no punctuation or spaces (e.g. Midtown or CentralPark).

The Locations view has a Locations tab that lists locations and an Area tab that lists areas. The contents of both tabs are based on the current search criteria.

You can manage areas in two different views in EventNett. First, when you edit a location you can specify one or more areas in the area field located immediately below the address fields. Second, under the Areas tab you can add, edit, or delete areas. Areas are useful primarily when searching for events. The area can be specified in combination with a city, state, or zip code in the search criteria. When used in a search, an area must precede the address information and be separated with a semicolon. The following formats can be used:

  • [area;] city, state [zip]
  • [area;] city
  • [area;] state
  • [area;] zip

Examples of valid area searches are:

  • Midtown; Atlanta
  • CabbageTown; GA
  • Midtown; Atlanta, GA