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The EventNett search panel is always visible on the left of the EventNett web site. The Area field is the only field that must have a value in order to narrow the results to a manageable number. By default, it is filled with the city, state, and zip code aquired from the session's IP address as provided by the ARIN WHOIS Database Search.

The search panel showing the RSS, permalink, and feed links above the event input box

The Search button re-queries the EventNett database based on the search fields. The Reset Values button clear out all criteria and resets values to their default.

Below the search buttons are the search fields. You can add search criteria to the following fields:

  • Event/description - Searches within the event names and descriptions. Each single word will be matched anywhere within the name and description; a group of words in double-quotes will be matched as a phrase.
  • Location/venue - Searches within the location names and descriptions with the same rules as with the event.
  • Area - Searches within the location addresses and area. Search areas can be in any of the following forms:
    • [area;] city, state [zip]
    • [area;] city
    • [area;] state
    • [area;] zip
  • Keywords - Searches within the event and location keywords. Multiple keywords are ORed together (that is, any single matching keyword will be considered a match).
  • Category - Searches within the event and location keywords. The category list is generated from the 10 most popular keywords.

At the bottom of the search panel are the date range fields. Events are returned within a date range specified either as a month, a special range based on the current day, week, or weekend, or as a freeform range of dates. By default, the range is set to the next 7 days. When entering dates in the from and to date fields, you must use the date format specified in the Configuration tab of the settings view. If you navigate to the calendar view, the date range will automatically change to the current month.